Work with Us

SugarLoveSpices is a blog dedicated to sharing traditional authentic Italian recipes, ethnic fusion food, with a focus on organic products including sustainable produce, in a way that shows our passion for food, and inspirational creativity to invent new recipes, including specialty dishes for those who have intolerances such as gluten, or dairy, with an affinity for the vegetarian and vegans.

We love working with companies whose products match our beliefs and are a good fit for our readers. Here are a few ways in which we could represent your brand:

  • Sponsored Posts

We love sharing products we love, and regularly use, with our readers. We can incorporate your brand’s product into a creative recipe, and provide beautiful photographs and wonderful narration that supports the recipe and product. Sponsored posts also include promotion on all of our social media channels.

  • Brand Ambassadorships

If your company is a good fit with SugarLoveSpices, we could partner on an ongoing basis through sponsored posts and social media campaigns tailored to your brand needs.

  • Giveaway/Review

Do you have a product that you think SugarLoveSpices readers will love? Send us an e-mail, we’d love to hear about it! This is a great way to get people excited about your brand and products.

  • Recipe Development & Photography

That is a favourite part of SugarLoveSpices: recipe creation and photography! We are often creating new recipes, writing about them and documenting them with our camera. We enjoy testing new items and playing with food, thinking outside the box with inventive ingredient combinations, and cultural melding. So if you’re interested, talk to us about it.

  • Freelance Writing & Photography

If you are in need of editorial content for your print publication, website or newsletter, we’d be happy to help you create some.

  • Travel and Business Reviews

If the brand fits in with our food blog, we are available to represent brands on trips as travel and food writers. We are travelers and have our suitcase, laptop and camera ready, and an abundance of creativity to tell your story.


For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us at: or