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Vegan Baking Workshop in Cat’s Kingdom

Nicoletta April 2, 2015

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Cats are magical creatures. You know if they love you or they don’t. If they just tolerate you or adore you. And to those lucky to share their lives with them will open a world of enchantment, unpredictability and pure joy. They are moody and sweet. Distant and affectionate. Enigmatic and charming. Lazy and playful. Forever master of their lives, never slaves of any situation. They rule, don’t follow. I adore them, can’t you tell?

There’s a place, in Rome, that is a must see if you’re a cat lover. It is a Cat Café, based on the most famous one in Tokio, called Romeow Cat Bistro. But mostly, it’s a Vegan Bistro, that offers healthy delicious breakfasts and snacks, lunches and suppers that will take you on a journey around the world. The cats are the real owners, they “adopted” Maurizio and Valentina, the human couple, to start this exciting adventure and they welcome you to their place.



Anyway, in the Bistro, the chef is a nice young lady called Romina, and she organized this Less is More – Vegan Baking Workshop that I had the pleasure to attend yesterday. She had already organized some workshops and will organize many more but I wasn’t and won’t be here, unfortunately. She has also a wonderful blog (in italian): Sugarless.

Yesterday afternoon 15 enthusiastic people (13 women and 2 men) enjoyed the workshop immensely. We had the chance to make, bake and taste 4 of the most amazingly flavorful desserts. Desserts that were delectable yet sugar free:

Apricot Jam Crostata; Chocolate Pear Muffins; Raw Cake with chocolate and orange; Cous cous Tiramisù.


crostata muffins rawcake tiramisu

Made with organic ingredients of ethical and sustainable origin, the desserts were accompanied by a spiced scented tea. All  in a relaxed, cozy, atmosphere, surronded by 6 beautiful cats.






Life can be wonderful.

Stay tuned for my remake of the recipes.


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