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Thai Noodle Shrimp Spicy Salad

Loreto April 10, 2018

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Thai Noodle Shrimp Spicy Salad is the epitome of awakening the senses with fresh flavors, from the aroma of the fresh coriander and Thai basil to that wonderful eye-opening scent of lemongrass taking us open-heartedly into an exotic experience, thanks to Eat the World and this month’s stop, Thailand.

Song of the Day: “One Love” by U2 and Mary J Blige.

Thai Noodle Shrimp Spicy Salad

Thai Noodle Shrimp Spicy Salad is a wonderful plate of exotic spices and superb textures combining juicy succulent shrimp and excellent seared ground pork and enveloping it with tender noodles and fresh herbs and a slice of spice taking this dish way over the top.



I am sure you know this about me as I have expressed this thought before, but I am going to tell you again how important it is to me to break those cultural boundaries creating a world without prejudice and discrimination where that world accepts every one of us.  I believe food is one of the most powerful forces that can help make that vision a reality!

We feel so honored and privileged to be part of Eat the World that is taking us on a journey around the world and inspiring us to experience culture through the dishes that define them!

Eat the World

This month we are stopping in Thailand and it was pretty hard to decide amongst all the wonderful food representing this exotic, mysterious, beautiful place. I love how aromatic the recipes can be and also that touch of spice that just says HELLO to your taste buds. After looking at so many Thai recipes I decided to check out a fellow blogger’s site: Hot Thai Kitchen to see what Pailin had brewing in the kitchen. Well, it was not easy there either as she has so many delicious dishes. One, in particular, was Pailin’s “Yum Mama” Thai Instant Noodle salad. I was quite intrigued first by  the use of the Mama noodles that are fantastic on their own, but then the elevation of flavor and freshness with additions of red Thai chilis, lemongrass, and fresh coriander or cilantro and ripe cherry tomatoes had my mouth watering and my desire to smell this dish emanating from our kitchen took me over the top. Thank you, Pailin for the inspiration.

There you have it, that’s my story and I am sticking to it, lol.

Let’s jump on the Eat The World Thailand train and talk about this amazing Thai Noodle Shrimp Spicy Salad!

Thai Noodle Shrimp Spicy Salad

First of all I made a stop at our local Asian market T&T to get some ingredients. I love this store. I was like a kid in a candy store looking for the ingredients I needed. I left there with my grocery bag hosting:

  • red chilis
  • cilantro
  • Asian basil
  • shrimp
  • mama noodles
  • cane sugar
  • limes
  • some ground pork
  • and celery with lots of upper leaves

I can’t wait to get home and make this salad.

Thai Noodle Shrimp Spicy Salad

So I started with the red chilis, cut them up a bit and into the mortar and pestle, yup we are going old school on the dressing. I pounded those chilis breaking them up then I added the cilantro stems and kept pounding until a paste formed. I did add a few Asian basil leaves and yes the aroma is happy making. Then in comes the cane sugar and yes, you guessed it, more pounding until it dissolves. Now we need some liquid and that comes from lime juice, soy sauce, fish sauce, and lemongrass, my all-time favorite ingredient, okay I put just a bit more than required, I can’t help it, I just love that smell and the flavor, lol. Lastly, mama’s chili powder which comes with the Thai noodles. A little arm strength and vigorous stirring. I dip my finger in to give it a taste. Wow, okay let’s give it some justice, WOW, that is amazing and that spice, yowza!

Let’s get this salad together, I am really hungry now! The noodle go into some boiling water just for a few minutes, then out they come and in go the shrimp till they turn color and out they come too. I love this part, put the pan back on the heat, squeeze the garlic oil that comes with the mama noodles into the pan. Throw in the ground pork and saute until it starts to brown. I threw the shrimp in and took it off the heat and tossed the pork and shrimp, then before I started I cut up the cherry tomatoes and onions and that beautiful mixture that I sauteed is poured all over the tomato-onion mix. Then in goes the noodles, some cilantro, celery leaves, and to really finish off the Thai dish, the dressing. Mix well to get all those flavors loving each other. I did add some more basil just because, and that my friends, is it.

I am getting my chopsticks and diving right into this Thai exoticness of a salad.

Thai Noodle Shrimp Spicy Salad

OMG The flavors are waking up every taste bud I have. The dressing has beautifully enhanced the flavor of the Thai noodles, shrimp and pork. Those hints of lime, a nice spicy kick from the chili powder and fresh chilis, the fish sauce, soy sauce with that saltiness balanced wonderfully with the cane sugar and let’s not forget that lemongrass, yes yes I love this Thai Noodle Shrimp Spicy Salad. The noodles are so tender and delicious especially infused with that garlic oil and the shrimp are juicy and sweet. The pork adds a nice crisp and so so flavorful note to this symphony of exuberant exotic bliss. The tomatoes add beautiful pops of color, a wonderful acidic sweetness to the mix and the celery with its pepperiness and crunch delights us with textures and freshness.

I felt so good after eating this Thai noodle salad that I wanted to share some with my friends and co-workers. I think it went over quite well as the compliments I heard made me feel blessed and encouraged. One of my co-workers ate so quickly I don’t even think he took a breath, lol. I feel so blessed and appreciated. What a great way to nurture and respect people, through good food made with incredible passion and loving thoughts of peace, blessing, and tranquillity!

Take a trip on the Eat The World train, ALL ABOARD! Today’s stop Thailand and our inspirational Thai Noodle Shrimp Spicy Salad!


Song of the day: “One Love” by U2 and Mary J Blige.

Thai Noodle Shrimp Spicy Salad

Thai Noodle Shrimp Spicy Salad

  • Author: Loreto
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: Serves 4 1x
  • Category: Salad
  • Method: Sauteing
  • Cuisine: Thailand


Thai Noodle Shrimp Spicy Salad is the epitomy of awakening the senses with fresh flavors, from the aroma of the fresh cilantro and Thai basil, to that wonderful eye-opening scent of lemongrass taking us open-heartedly into an exotic experience, thanks to Eat the World and this month’s stop, Thailand.


  • 1 Thai red chili
  • 6 sprigs cilantro stems, chopped
  • 1 Tbsp cane sugar
  • 3 Tbsp lime juice
  • 1 Tbsp fish sauce
  • 1/2 Tbsp soy sauce
  • Mama chili powder to taste (comes inside the noodle packet)
  • 2 Tbsp grated lemon grass
  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes, quartered
  • 1/2 sweet onion, julienned
  • 2 packs instant Mama Noodles
  • 12 medium uncooked shrimp (I left the shell on)
  • 2 packages of Mama’s Garlic oil (comes with the noodles)
  • 200 g organic ground pork
  • 2 interior celery stalks with leaves chopped
  • handful of cilantro leaves
  • handful of Asian basil leaves



  1. With a mortar and pestle pound the fresh red chili, cilantro stems, and Asian basil into a paste.
  2. Add the chunk of cane sugar and pound until it dissolves.
  3. Pour in lime juice, soy sauce, fish sauce, lemongrass, and Mama chili powder. Give it a quick stir and set aside.

Noodles, shrimp and pork:

  1. Bring a medium pot of water to boil.
  2. Break up noodles and toss into boiling water, cook for 2 minutes and scoop out noodles, drain and set aside.
  3. Toss shrimp into the boiling water and cook until they just start to turn color about 3-4 minutes. Take out and set aside.
  4. Drain water from pot and add Mama’s garlic oil pouches. Toss in ground pork and sautee until brown and cooked 5 minutes, breaking up the pork.
  5. Toss in shrimp and take pot off heat, toss shrimp with the pork and then take a bowl and throw in the quartered cherry tomatoes and julienned onion and pour the pork and shrimp over top the veggies letting the drippings in too!
  6. Toss in noodles and pour in dressing, toss well.
  7. Top with some chopped cilantro and Asian basil.
  8. Serve immediately.
  9. Enjoy!


  1. If you like things really spicy put in more fresh chilis and Mama’s chili powder.
  2. If you do not like cilantro omit it and just use Asian basil.
  3. If you have some leftovers you can warm it to room temperature or eat it cold, either way works.
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  • Avatar
    Reply Wendy April 10, 2018 at 11:25 am

    I would love some of this for lunch right now. YUMMO

    • Loreto
      Reply Loreto April 10, 2018 at 7:57 pm

      If we were in delivery range we could have gotten you some. Thank you for checking it out!

  • Avatar
    Reply culinarycam April 10, 2018 at 12:51 pm

    Now I’m hungry! This looks delicious and I’m so glad you are on this around the world journey with us!

    • Loreto
      Reply Loreto April 10, 2018 at 7:59 pm

      Thank you so much means a lot to me. Love challenges like these that brings us closer together! It was a lot of fun making this dish an so easy it surprised me. A big thanks goes out to Pailin from Hot Thai Kitchen, her recipe was easy to follow and worked reaslly well even with some modifications.
      Have a wonderful week!

  • Avatar
    Reply Evelyne CulturEatz April 10, 2018 at 1:37 pm

    What an absolutely stunning salad! Both our recipe’s sauce is made with similar components, OMG the best flavors right? And I love the combo of pork ans shrimp. You would think odd but so good together. Just a beautiful vibrant salad, I woudl eat it up without breathing too maybe lol. Thanks so much for participating and just wait till the next country is announced 😀

    • Loreto
      Reply Loreto April 10, 2018 at 8:03 pm

      Hi Evelyne Thank you for your lovely comment made me smile, laugh and feel such gratitude. Yes our sauces very similar and yes oh so tasty and vibrant. That is what I love about Thai food always so flavorful and fresh! I shared this with many people around me and from the look on their faces and the compliments I graciously recieved, I think it was a hit! Can’t wait to see what country we are visiting next. Feel like a kid with an overwhelming curiousity!
      Have a great week cooking and blogging!

  • Avatar
    Reply Milena Perrine April 10, 2018 at 2:02 pm

    I love the Eat the World series recipes you guys bring to the table! This salad is absolutely tantalizing. I love everything about it – from the shrimp and pork combo to the spices and fresh herbs selection. Thai food pairs so well with lighter beers, mmm. Perfect for spring. Great job, Loretto!

    • Loreto
      Reply Loreto April 10, 2018 at 8:05 pm

      Thank you Milena, now that you mentioned it yes a nice light beer would be so wonderful with this dish and imagine warmer weather and lounging in the back yard oasis! Nobody wake me up I love this dream, lol. You hit key points on this recipe the shrimp, pork combination was amazing together, that fresh red chili spice and the fresh herbs just scream spring and joyfulness.
      Have a great night.
      Ciao for now!

  • Avatar
    Reply Margaret@Kitchen Frau April 11, 2018 at 10:44 am

    I have never heard of Mama noodles, but now I’m going on a hunt to find them! I just love a salad that can be a meal, and yours is making me verrrrry hungry. That little bit of pork would add lots of flavour and make it belly-filling. The whole dish looks so bright and colourful and loaded with flavours. I appreciate your sentiment about how food helps us cross cultural boundaries without discrimination. There’s nothing like sitting down to a meal together for creating bonds that go far beyond our taste buds.

  • Avatar
    Reply karalynholland April 11, 2018 at 3:44 pm

    LOVE this Eat The World journey you guys are on! Thai is one of my favorite cuisines and super excited you did this salad. I usually use mung bean noodles, but I’m looking for those Mama Noodles in the Boston Asian markets so I can make your recipe. Checking out the other Bloggers’ Thai recipes too.

    • Avatar
      Reply karrie / Tasty Ever After April 11, 2018 at 3:45 pm

      btw, this is Karrie. Don’t know why it used my full name. Weird.

      • Loreto
        Reply Loreto April 11, 2018 at 6:21 pm

        I picked up on that right away and knew it was you, no worries.
        Take care!

    • Loreto
      Reply Loreto April 11, 2018 at 6:20 pm

      Hi Karrie, I am glad you are enjoying this series. I too love Thai cuisine, the flavors are so vibrant and have so much freshness to them, and as funny as it seems I love the exoticness of this salad. The combination of pork and shrimp is amazing together and the dressing is so intense as it has been pounded and stirred and the natural oils have intensified. I thought it was going to be too spicy, but amazingly the heat hits you and then it dissapates. It was so nice hearing from you. Nicoletta and I were talking about when we would hit the Boston area and come visit. Still in the planning stages.
      Thank you for your always wonderful comments and have a great night!

  • Avatar
    Reply chef mimi April 16, 2018 at 7:33 am

    Beautiful. I could eat this every day! what are mama noodles?

    • Loreto
      Reply Loreto April 17, 2018 at 5:35 am

      Hi Mimi, they are a prepackaged Thai noodle you can find in local Asian markets if you have one in your area. The have usually a garlic oil packet and a spice pack. Very flavorful and easy to prepare but also a great product to use in Thai recipes as I have done here. I loved the combination of flavors really awakened my mouth. I hope you can find them, good luck!

  • Avatar
    Reply indianeskitchen April 20, 2018 at 9:32 pm

    I love this!

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