Simple summer fresh strawberry bocconcini skewers

Simple summer fresh strawberry bocconcini skewers-feature-square-on-platter

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Simple Summer fresh Strawberry bocconcini skewers with balsamic glaze are a fun and delicious appetizer your guests will love. A play on the classic caprese salad, using strawberries instead of tomatoes is suitable also for anybody with a nightshade allergy. Hey, Canada Day is coming up, these present well with the Canadian flag colors, not to mention super delicious. 


  • 8 organic field grown strawberries
  • 16 mini bocconcini
  • 3 leaves of basil chopped
  • 1 tablespoon evo oil
  • Pinch of salt and pepper
  • 1 Tbsp balsamic glaze
  • 8 x 6-inch bamboo skewers



  1. Place the mini bocconcini into a bowl. Drizzle with evo oil. Season with salt and pepper, and toss in chopped basil.
  2. Give this a real good toss and set aside.


  1. Take your strawberries, place into a colander, and give them a good rinse with cold water. Let them drain.
  2. Take a knife and cut the top off and discard.

Making skewers

  1. Take a small skewer and piece a dressed bocconcini in the center. Push it down the skewer until it is just about at the bottom.
  2. Next, take a strawberry and also pierce it through the center. Push it down the skewer until it hits the bocconcini.
  3. Lastly, grab another dressed bocconcini and run it down the skewer until it reaches the strawberry. 
  4. Place the skewer on a nice serving platter.  Keep making the skewers until you have used up all the bocconcini and strawberries and place them on the serving platter.
  5. Now that you have all your skewers on the serving platter, take the marinade leftover from the bocconcini and drizzle it over the bocconcini and strawberry skewers.
  6. Finally, grab your squeezable balsamic glaze bottle and drizzle over the skewers.
  7. Ready to serve.



If you cannot find the mini bocconcini, ovoline, or the fresh mozzarella medallions would work too.

Try and find the small skewers with the flat bottom (paddle shaped) for grabbing. They work so well and make it easy to grab the skewers and eat them.

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