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Simple pleasure

Loreto March 27, 2015


They say that simple treasures give us the greatest pleasures in life. For us having fresh flowers in the house gives us that. You may say that it is a waste of money because they die, but the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual benefits far out way the money.



Yes budgets are to be respected and you cannot go into debt but if you are resourceful you can create beautiful things with flowers that are on special. For us living in a climate where 6 to even 7 months are winter having flowers in the house reminds us that spring is coming, more so we love  just the beauty and the fragrance.

This past weekend I was at the Old Strathcona farmers market  and I always like to see what the Tulip Farm has. As usual lots of beautiful tulips and bulbs, one particularly got my attention and I had a vision of an arrangement in my head, and so I brought it home and created this arrangement that I call Simple pleasure.


Thanks to the tulip guy and the wonderful products that he stands by whole heartedly, and one that I now come down to every morning where I sit and just look at its beauty. I told my wife that because we are apart I can’t buy her fresh flowers but shared a picture of this one which I bought with the intention of it being a gift for her. It is also sometimes a way of treating myself after a hard week’s work, a little self love goes a long way.



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