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Saturday at the farmers’ markets

Loreto February 16, 2015

saturday at the farmers market

The experience of going to the local farmers’ Markets, here in Edmonton, finishes my week with joy. There is this frenetic energy about markets, yet very calming all the same, for me, as I stroll around watching people buying produce, eat samplings of food, craftsmen showing their crafts.



This morning I am at the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market, an institution in Edmonton. Being so distracted by looking at produce and other things, and missing my wife being here with me, that I totally forget to take pictures.  The nice thing is, though, that I will be back next week and will take pictures and I will love to share the experience with you.

So, in the afternoon, I decide to go to another Farmers’ Market in the city. This one is dear to me because  as a teenager I would come to this building and drool over musical instruments, especially drums. It was called Mother’s Music and the Drum Shop, back then. Mother’s Music recently closed and was transformed into Mother’s Market, open 3 days a week for people to come and buy local and organic.  But the big guitar, reminiscence of the near past, is still there.

saturday at the farmers market

This time I did remember to take pictures. There is always live music in the market and today this person is playing harp with east indian melodics and smells coming from the cafés upstairs, sounds like a bizarre atmosphere. I usually come here to buy organic milk, cheese, vegetables, meat and also Sgambaro’s fresh salmon, one of the best tasting salmon in the whole city.

saturday at the farmers market

saturday at the farmers market

I brought home: apples, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, red and yellow potatoes, parsley, as well as perogies and salmon. A shared experience between the two markets that completed my week meal planning.

saturday at the farmers market


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    Wonderful web page!!! I am drooling …

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      Thanks Connie, happy you like our new blog :-). Keep coming in, we’re trying to post a new post every day 🙂

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