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Loreto March 15, 2015

IMG_20150307_185543 mango butter chicken

My daughter and her husband took me out for dinner to a great place on White Avenue here in Edmonton: Naanolicious. For those of you not familiar with Edmonton, White Ave. is an eclectic street of stores, cultures and music topped with a diversity of people that always makes it an interesting excursion. Located on 82nd Avenue and ranging from 92nd Street all the way to the University at 114th Street, a must see if you are coming to the city. Getting back to the restaurant Naanolicious, it has a great ethnic feel with lots of artistic representation of Indian culture. The tables quite unique, giving a three dimensional feel with wood carved Indian gods and dried lentils and chick peas. The menu, a vast array of Indian fusion as well as traditional fares that look amazing.



IMG_20150314_194044 menu naanoliscious

IMG_20150307_184959 dip into dahl

We chose these dishes: Quinoa twist (quinoa tossed with a Indian salsa with a touch of acidity): very nice; Aloo Tiki (potato cake served with  a chutney) which went well with the quinoa; Dip into the lentil (similar to a Dahl lentils in a spiced tomato gravy served with butter naan): delicious; finally Mango butter chicken (butter chicken served with basmati rice and a side shooter of mango puree): exquisite.

IMG_20150307_184400 quinoa twist and allo tikkiThe naan is amazing, it is what they are known for, made fresh in their tandoori oven and the sound of it being made echoing in the background.  There are so many interesting dishes which will bring us back to Naanolicious very soon

IMG_20150307_185306 naan and lentilsWe had a great time there, a magician came to our table and did a few card tricks which was very interesting and I thought went well with the Indian theme which to me has always been a mystic culture.

Service was great,  friendly and very quick.  I would say that Naanolicious is a restaurant I would recommend  to try. Be adventurous and try some of the fusion dishes, I know I am going to, the next time we are there.

IMG_20150307_185034 garlic naan


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