Farewell Till We See You Again

Loreto September 4, 2015

Wayne Dyer

I am deeply saddened by the news I received the other morning. Wayne Dyer has passed. Unbelievable that such a force and spirit has left the planet. They say he died in his sleep which is comforting in some way that he did not suffer. They say in our dream state we have immense power to create, so maybe Wayne set the stage in a beautiful way to leave the earth planet.



I remember the first time I came to know Wayne Dyer, it was on a public television show and in is eyes I saw that fire that passion that reminds me of a song Peter Gabriel wrote called “In Your Eyes”. Like the song, Wayne had travelled to many a land discovering the unseen in todays doubtful world. The spirituality that exisits eyond the physicality. His quest for truth and the sharing of his discoveries, and his love for Humankind unsurmountable, as he inspired so many to become what they were destined to be. Wayne Dyer definately inspired me to write some beautiful poems, and paint most brilliantly colored pictures, and discover music and voice that I never would have imagined I could create, and to overcome the fear to express myself and surpass the fear of judgement that I did not have a grasp on reality. For this I am truly grateful.

Am I burdened with questions like if Wayne Dyer was such a spiritual being and what he said was the truth then why could He not heal himself at this point and help more people, and why did he not summon the power he so spoke about to create that miracle we so yearn to witness physically. The answers or what could be the answers to my questions run through me with such humor, and non judgement, things like maybe He wanted to pass, or maybe he was called to a different level where He could work far more efficiently without a dense burdensome body. Maybe Wayne Dyer is an Angel and wanted to just go home. Then I laugh and say to myself or whatever it is that gives me these thoughts, always have an answer, smart ass, but seriously some wise words to soothe the doubt and give me hope and understanding.

I remember Wayne speaking of a guide an energy of a spirit that he’s so connected with. A person who lived long ago in a funny kind of coincidence because we are in flight to Italy, the country where this man lived. St Francis of Assisi was a man sainted for the miracles He performed and the work He had done with mankind.

san Francesco d'Assisi

I am writing this as we fly over oceans, lands, mountains and seas.  It is 10:00 pm eastern time and I could not sleep as you know commercial flights are not the most comfortable to sleep in. The truth was that I was uncomfortable but more so I kept thinking of Dr Wayne Dyer and St Francis of Assisi.

So here I am writing sharing my thoughts with you as they come. I  have always admired people like Dr Wayne Dyer, living their dream and also inspiring people to do the same with teachings of past masters of the universe like Padre Pio, Buddha, Jesus, Allah, Mohamed, Confucius, etc. In my heart there has always been something that made me feel like these people were my family and close to home. The words they spoke, that peace I felt in the presence of their work. I so wanted to inspire people and we all share a common goal care for the human race and the planet and animals that inhabit it. I remember being so young and spending summers at bible school, so fascinated by the stories and so eager to do art and cut outs, re-animating what I learned and saw. I remember my emotions for people in the environment I experienced and the heart to understand and forgive and still love.

I often wondered if people felt what I felt or was I just crazy, the deep connection when people were sad, or suffering, happy and excited. My desire to see people happy. I wonder if Wayne Dyer was beside me what advice or words of comfort would he have for me. Maybe something like follow your passion, be who you were destined to be and truly are, a being in the likeness of your creator and don’t be afraid, trust in the wisdom of what is guiding you and trying to help, just believe that it is so. I think that is what he would say to me, also something like don’t ask what it is and what has to be done to be happy, just be happy, it is natural, know happiness if you want to heal, act as though you do not have the illness and it has been healed.

I am going to say this, Dr Wayne Dyer, I am grateful to have stumbled upon you and I love you for what you are. We will miss you terribly, but fortunately for us there is invention, cable television, TV’s, radio, and CDs, and you will be in our presence and our hearts forever.

I spoke with Nicoletta my beautiful wife and we wanted to do something for you to show our gratitude for your exisyence and work, the encouragement I felt as I sat glued to the tv set watching and listening intently to the eloquence of your story tellingbrilliance which pulled me in , and the pictures that formed in my mind too far and vast to descibe. So since our passions are food, art, music, my wife and I are going to prepare our own little celebration to Honor your precense in our lives, Wayne.

You may find this funny but I can feel the presence of St Francis of Assisi around you and the other morning I had shivers running through my body as I was thinking of this, good shivers, ones that made me feel so happy and well. I am going to be receptive to any guidance as we are in Italy, what food to prepare, maybe a song, poem, and a compilation art piece from my wife and I. Could be interesting to just let go and let be. I am excited and I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy creating it. If you want and can send us some thoughts or a sign or any mode you want, it is up to you, it would really make our day, but will put no expectation on it just let it go.

I will commence my search in our time in Italy. I will be attentive but not neurotic looking for guidance. I remember a saying from Bruce Lee, a famous martial artist, he said: “dont think or you will miss some of that heavenly glory”. And so it is.

Our condolences go out to Wayne Dyer’s family and friends.

Wayne Dyer

Here is a poem I wrote during the first times I heard and saw Wayne Dyer.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Awaken the spirit of Bear

Oh great one as you awaken from your slumber

You stretch out and smell the scent of fresh lumber

You awaken the great spirit

The spirit of the unconscious dimension

A place very few ever like to mention

Lunar one, goddess of the moon

I hear the sound of the midnight loon

You are symbolic of the seven stars

Linked together like the moons of mars

Forming a great constellation

With your own stellar migration

The star formation we call the big dipper

A cluster that is a real night tripper

Lighting up the northern sky

Ursus major, Universal minor

Keeper of the abyss

Hoping you will lead us to bliss

You are a great healing physician

During this difficult time of change and transition

We call for your incredible powers

To heal our temples, our solemn towers

You link us to the trees

That you seem to climb with ease

Showing us how these towers

Link heaven and earth powers

And our own process of death and rebirth

That takes a lot of strength and girth

You remind us to keep our cubs alive

Climb those trees and observe the hive

But also to remember

That we need to surrender

To the quiet of our den

And find our answers deep within

And in the spring

Our ideas begin to blossom

We see the innocence of the baby possum

Remembering that nurturing is needed

To the ideas that are seeded

In our subconscious mind

The meat behind the rind

We also need to remember

In times when we feel dismembered

In our times of challenging strife

Remember the natural sweetness of life

Do not let this honey go wasted

Bring it out, dance and shout

The honey of life will definitely be tasted

And so this brings our time to an end

Your wounds and pains in time will end

Let’s sing and dance

Awaken to chance

Face our fears, and release our tears

Have the courage to spare and dare

Dare to awaken the spirit of bear

By: Loreto Nardelli


Stay tuned!

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