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Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes

Loreto December 23, 2019

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Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes, a delicious play on a classic cinnamon roll made into a pancake. Boxing Day morning is a perfect time to lay out a brunch for family and these pancakes will surely be eaten up as soon as you place them on the table!

Song of the day: “This Christmas” by Ne-Yo.

Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes-feature

Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes, a delectable treat for any brunch menu hosting light fluffy pancakes, a crisp rim, and a most flavorful cinnamon sugar swirl to elevate this recipe to no end! Happy Holidays, Everyone!



Who’s in the kitchen?

It was the morning after Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even the cats, however, there was this aroma that woke us all up, and down the stairs to the kitchen it led us.

What we found was two foodies, Nicoletta and Loreto, in their bustling kitchen whipping up some delicious treats for a meal we call brunch that was shared by all. These pancakes were out of this world with a little maple syrup and fruit, and fulfilled and satisfied was felt by all! Merry Christmas!

Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes-from the top


I was watching the Food Network one morning and Bobby Flay was doing his brunch show. He made these cinnamon bun pancakes and knowing Nicoletta would absolutely love these as she adores a good cinnamon bun and pancake and melded together must be fantastic. As a result, our home was blessed with these Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes!

Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes are really easy…………………

These pancakes were really easy to make. Here is a look at what you need:

For the Cinnamon swirl:

  • Cinnamon
  • Muscovado sugar
  • Unsalted butter
  • Whipping cream
  • water if needed

For the Pancakes:

  • Flour
  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • Buttermilk (or yogurt and milk)
  • Baking powder
  • Baking soda
  • Sugar
  • Fine sea salt
  • Nutmeg
  • Vanilla

Helpful hints…………………

  1. Firstly, make the cinnamon swirl mixture. It needs to simmer then poured into a bowl and cooled before you can use it.
  2. Secondly, mix the dry ingredients together, then the wet. Pour the wet into the dry and whisk just until smooth.
  3. Thirdly, use some butter in the pan and I put a bit of peanut oil so we can achieve that crisp texture that everyone loves so much!
  4. Lastly, pour the batter with a small ladle forming a four-inch circle, wait for the top to start forming those air bubbles, then, using a squirt bottle filled with the cinnamon swirl mixture, pour out a nice spiral on top of the pancake. Flip the pancake and let cook until when you press your finger into the pancake it springs back. Be careful with the heat because the cinnamon mixture could burn!

Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes-prep

Ooooooh this looks and smells so good!……………………

The aroma of the cinnamon and nutmeg is amazing. Your family will awaken surely thinking you are making cinnamon buns and much to their surprise it’s really a pancake! Pour on some really good maple syrup and you’re set to chow down to a most beautiful and wonderful brunch.

Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes-pouring maple syrup

Let’s taste our Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes!……………………………

Oh my…………………. That cinnamon swirl has crystallized and formed nice crispness on the edges and surface of this pancake. The flavor of cinnamon and nutmeg alongside that rich butter melted sugar is just icing on the cake, pardon the pun, lol. The inside is so light and fluffy making it so easy to have two…… or three……….


If by chance you happen to have some leftover, it could happen maybe you made a huge amount, revitalize them in a skillet on low heat. As a result, that crispness and just made feel, do come back!

Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes

Final Thoughts…………………………………………..

It’s the holiday season. Lots of gathering, celebrating, and sharing. It is nice to treat your family and friends to some great food and making them these Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes will surely make them feel totally special in my eyes. Furthermore, it’s Christmas, LIVE A LITTLE!

Closed for the Holidays…………….

We are off for the Christmas Holidays and will be back after New Years’ excited, passionate, and so inspired to cook and share great recipes and stories with you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Everyone, from Loreto and Nicoletta!

Song of the day: “This Christmas” by Ne-Yo.

Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes-feature

Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes

  • Author: Loreto
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 12 x 4-inch pancakes 1x
  • Category: Brunch
  • Method: stovetop
  • Cuisine: Canadian


Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes, a delicious play on a classic cinnamon roll made into a pancake. Boxing Day morning is a perfect time to lay out a brunch for family and these pancakes will surely be eaten up as soon as you place them on the table!


For the Cinnamon Swirl

  • 1 stick (8 Tbsp) unsalted butter
  • 1/2 cup muscovado sugar
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • [1/4 cup water only if the sugar clumps]
  • 1/4 cup heavy (whipping) cream

For the Pancakes

  • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3 Tbsp cane sugar
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp fine sea salt
  • a pinch of nutmeg
  • 1 1/2 cups buttermilk (or 1 cup plain Greek yogurt + 1/2 cup milk)
  • 3 Tbsp butter, melted
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract


For the cinnamon swirl

  1. Melt the butter in a small saucepan until light golden brown. Whisk in the muscovado sugar and cinnamon (the sugar may clump and separate from the butter, don’t worry, only if the sugar clumps, whisk in 1/4 cup water and whisk until the mixture smoothes out. Simmer until slightly thickened, about 2 minutes).
  2. Pour in the cream, whisk, and simmer 2 more minutes. Transfer to a small bowl to cool (the mixture will thicken as it cools), then transfer it to a dispenser with a small tip (squirt bottle) .

For the pancakes:

  1. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt.
  2. In a medium bowl, whisk together the buttermilk (or substitute), melted butter, eggs, nutmeg, and vanilla.
  3. Add the wet mixture to the dry mixture and whisk until just combined.

Skillet time:

  1. Heat up some peanut oil and butter in a cast or skillet pan.
  2. Pour in batter using a small ladle forming a 4-inch circle.
  3. Let that cook for a few minutes until you see bubbles forming on the top.
  4. Using the squirt bottle with a small tip filled with cinnamon sugar pour out a spiral on the top of the pancake.
  5. Flip pancake and cook till done.
  6. I like to get more of that cinnamon swirl into the pancake, flip the pancake over and do the swirl again with the mixture and flip over again for 1 minute.
  7. Repeat till batter is done. Leave the cooked pancakes on a baking sheet in a preheated oven at 200°F until ready to eat.


Helpful hints:

  1. Don’t over crowd the skillet with too many pancakes, makes it hard to flip.
  2. You will know your pancake is done when you press your finger in the center and it bounces back right away.
  3. Manage your heat well, the cinnamon-sugar mixture heats quite quickly and can burn. I used a low to medium heat setting.
  4. If you want you can make a maple cream icing to drizzle on top, a simple mixture of maple syrup, cream, and confectioners sugar.
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Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes-stack

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  • Avatar
    Reply Amanda December 25, 2019 at 12:42 pm

    These pancakes were so perfect for Christmas brunch! That cinnamon swirl was such a fun twist to your typical pancakes. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Loreto Nardelli
      Reply Loreto Nardelli December 30, 2019 at 1:20 pm

      Hi Amanda, I am so happy you enjoyed these. That swirl is something else and just love the texture and outrageous flavor these bring to the brunch table!

  • Avatar
    Reply Tara December 26, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    OMG I just had to wipe up the drool, these look and sound amazing. I can’t wait to bite into all the crispy goodness. Thanks for all the helpful tips btw, these are going to be amazing!

    • Loreto Nardelli
      Reply Loreto Nardelli December 30, 2019 at 1:22 pm

      Thank you so much Tara, I am sure these will be a hit! I am excited to hear how you make out and here is a napkin for the drool, lol.
      Happy Pancaking!

  • Avatar
    Reply Veronika December 27, 2019 at 12:46 pm

    Yes! I was just thinking about making these pancakes and was going to look for a recipe! Here you are! Saving it and will make it tomorrow!)

    • Loreto Nardelli
      Reply Loreto Nardelli December 30, 2019 at 1:23 pm

      Thant’s fantastic. Gotta love synchronicity! Have fun with this one and most of all enjoy!
      Happy day to you!

  • Avatar
    Reply Aleta December 28, 2019 at 11:36 am

    Wow, I JUST LOVE these pancakes! Not only do I love cinnamon, but they are gorgeous! A perfect holiday treat for sure!

    • Loreto Nardelli
      Reply Loreto Nardelli December 30, 2019 at 1:24 pm

      Thanks Aleta, I would eat these any day of the week and any time of day. Soi scrumptious and delicious!

  • Avatar
    Reply Sharon December 28, 2019 at 7:09 pm

    Oh my! These pancakes have everything that my weekend is calling for. Add syrup and enjoy.

    • Loreto Nardelli
      Reply Loreto Nardelli December 30, 2019 at 1:46 pm

      Hi Sharon I like the way you think. A true foodie are you!
      Cheers and enjoy!
      Happy New Year!

  • Avatar
    Reply Elaine December 29, 2019 at 5:02 am

    I would wake up to these every single morning. Fantastic pancakes that can make any day special, not just during the holidays eason! 🙂

    • Loreto Nardelli
      Reply Loreto Nardelli December 30, 2019 at 1:47 pm

      Hi Elaine so true. The aroma alone of these delicious and aromatic pancakes would wake up the best of sleepy heads and what a treat to wake up too!
      Happy breakfast times!

  • Avatar
    Reply GUNJAN C Dudani December 29, 2019 at 9:48 am

    I would love to indulge in these pancakes everyday. love all the ingredients and all the flavors in it.

    • Loreto Nardelli
      Reply Loreto Nardelli December 30, 2019 at 1:48 pm

      Thank you so glad to be inspired by these and thanks to Bobby Flay I made it a reality!

  • Avatar
    Reply Tammy December 29, 2019 at 1:04 pm

    These look so beautiful! I love the swirl…I have to try this next time I make pancakes! 😀

    • Loreto Nardelli
      Reply Loreto Nardelli December 30, 2019 at 1:49 pm

      Hi Tammy it is so much fun creating the swirl and love how the heat just crisps up the edges and makes it all delicious. Thanks for wanting to try these!
      Happy Holidays!

  • Avatar
    Reply Jess December 29, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    Oh my goodness! These swirled breakfast delights look and sound more than amazing! Fluffy and delicious! I can’t wait to try!

  • Loreto Nardelli
    Reply Loreto Nardelli December 30, 2019 at 1:50 pm

    That’s the spirit Jess. I am so excited for you I think you are going to love and crave these time and again!
    Happy New Year!

  • Avatar
    Reply Aline December 30, 2019 at 10:49 pm

    These were THE BEST Christmas morning!! My family loved it!! Thank you!!

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