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How to Make Spinach Fettuccine

Nicoletta April 1, 2020

How to Make Spinach Fettuccine. Beautifully green and flavorful, these fettuccine are made with the usual eggs, flour, and a pinch of salt, with the addition of spinach in the dough. 

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How to make Spinach Fettuccine-on the woodboard

One of our most favorite Sunday lunches involves homemade fettuccine. It was the type of pasta my nonna would make for all our family gatherings, Pranzo della Domenica, or special occasions, completely by hand, so precise and beautiful, a true work of art. Today I am adding a touch of color to the dough, to bring some joyfulness to these dreary days. 

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Breakfast and Brunch, Pancakes, Waffles & French Toast

Nutella Banana stuffed French Toast

Loreto March 29, 2020

Nutella Banana stuffed French Toast:  These days people have no choice but have family time. Endless days and nights together as a result could be stressful and aggravating.  However, I know what would help eliminate that. How about this morning getting into the kitchen together and preparing a festive brunch? I don’t know about you, but brunch sounds pretty spectacular, especially with this dish gracing the lineup! 

Song of the day: “Burning Love” by Elvis Presley!

Nutella Banana Stuffed French Toast-feature on the plate

This Nutella Banana stuffed French Toast is amazing. Imagine lovely egg coated bread slices holding in crunchy peanut butter, rich luscious Nutella and some pretty tasty banana slices all fried up in a butter slathered pan to a nice golden brown. Do I have your mouth watering yet? Well, gather the family and come with me. Let’s make this French toast together! The end result, some pretty bright smiley faces! Furthermore, joyful bellies!

[This post was first published on August 22, 2015. It has been updated for photos, recipe, and writing.]

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Breakfast and Brunch, Cookies

Milk Cookies (Biscottoni)

Nicoletta March 25, 2020

Milk Cookies (Biscottoni). Easy to make, with simple, basic ingredients, these milk cookies are rustic and fragrant. They have the flavors of my childhood and the aroma of small towns’ Italian bakeries.

Song of the day: You Need To Calm Down – Taylor Swift 

Milk Cookies (biscottoni)-feature milk and cookies in basket

Golden, crunchy on the top, crumbly and soft on the inside, these milk cookies are the perfect breakfast cookies. We love to dip them in coffee or cappuccino because they stay firm without crumbling into the liquid. They are also great with milk and served at an afternoon tea.

[This post was first published on February 19, 2015. It has been updated for photos, recipe, and writing.]

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Appetizers and Snacks, Meat and Poultry

Chicken Liver Paté

Loreto March 22, 2020

Chicken Liver Paté. When it comes to presentation, this definitely steals the show. The combination of flavors and textures wows the palate and the aromas are beyond describable. If you are wanting to have a night of appetizers, try this one, it is absolutely fantastic!

Song of the day: “Edge of Desire” by John Mayer.

Chicken Liver Paté-feature   

Chicken Liver Paté, smooth in texture with backdrops of shallots, sherry, and rich buttery love that combined with sweet crisp apples, microgreens, and acidity from the mustard, takes you on a sophisticated journey in a most artistic way!

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Cakes, Pies & Tarts, Dessert

Ricotta Chocolate Cake

Nicoletta March 16, 2020

Ricotta Chocolate Cake. A match made in heaven. The silkiness of the ricotta makes this cake moist and soft, and the dark chocolate and cinnamon marry so well with it, creating a rich, luscious, scrumptious cake. 

Song of the day: “Everyday Life” – Coldplay

ricotta chocolate cake-feature

This recipe was originally published in February 2015. It has been updated for content and photos. Scroll down below the recipe card if you want to check out the old photos.

Certainly, ricotta is one of my favorite soft cheeses, very versatile, good on its own, great in sweet and savory recipes.  For instance, here, the marriage of the ricotta and the chocolate creates a scrumptious cake.

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Pasta, Pizza, Risotto, Vegan/Vegetarian

Fettuccine alla Greca (Greek Style Fettuccine)

Loreto March 12, 2020

Fettuccine alla Greca (Greek Style Fettuccine). Looking for an easy fast dish for a weeknight meal? Then you have found it. Less than a half-hour and you will be sitting at your table spinning this wonderful pasta right into your mouth!

Song of the day: “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi.

fettuccine alla greca-plate closeup

 We are facing some pretty distressing times. News of the virus, the infected, ones who have parted, being isolated. That is a lot of negativity to endure every minute of one’s day! I say let’s beat this thing with a simple thing called love! A good way to start is to cook and make this amazing, healthy, delicious, packed with nothing but the love I have for life and well wishes for everyone out there. We can beat this, I know it, by eating well, taking care of ourselves, not stressing too much! Have fun, laugh, get into the kitchen, cook together and whip up a plate of this Fettuccine alla Greca (Greek Style Fettuccine).

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Breakfast and Brunch, Muffins

Easy Almond Orange Muffins

Nicoletta March 8, 2020

 Easy Almond Orange Muffins. A mix of flour and ground almonds, cane sugar, vegetable oil, egg, orange juice and zest make these muffins a delectable morning treat or afternoon snack. The scent is beautiful, the crumb is soft and flavorful. Easy and fast to make, they are going to bring a smile to your face and liveliness to your day.

Song of the day: Under Pressure – Queen

Easy Almond Orange Muffins-feature on a table

When faced with hard times, I turn to bake as my therapy. It keeps my mind off heavy thoughts; it keeps me away from the news talking over and over about the spreading of the virus that is “conquering” the world one country at a time. Our life has changed and shaped into a series of worries and rules to follow. Let’s forget about it for half an hour, come with me in the kitchen and let’s bake some muffins!

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Meat and Poultry

Mushroom Chicken Rolls wrapped in Prosciutto Cotto

Loreto March 6, 2020

Mushroom Chicken Rolls wrapped in Prosciutto Cotto, this takes the partnership of chicken and mushrooms to an all-time intimate and interactive infusion of flavor and texture level! Want a real family pleaser that presents beautifully and can captivate on aroma alone?  Only one thing to do: Go shopping!

Song of the day: “Unbelievable”  by EMF.

Mushroom Chicken Rolls wrapped in Proscuitto Cotto-slices in the plate

(This post is sponsored by Mushrooms Canada. We’ve been compensated but -as always- all opinions are our own.]

I have a really great recipe for you today! Imagine moist tender chicken wrapped in prosciutto cotto and stuffed with the most amazing mushroom mixture. The end result, eye-rolling, vocal pleasing sounds of pure satisfaction and fulfillment! Want a luxurious dish to grace the family dinner table? Check this out!

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Meat and Poultry

Chicken Souvlaki with fresh Greek Salad

Loreto March 1, 2020

Chicken Souvlaki with fresh Greek Salad. Talk about incredible Mediterranean flavors and textures. This is one of my favorite go-to recipes and there has not been a time that no one has not thoroughly enjoyed these skewers of moist tender super flavored chicken. Add in that wonderful char and these are a hit!

Song of the day: “Can’t Get Better Than This” by Parachute Youth.

Chicken Souvlaki with fresh Greek Salad-souvlaki in a plate

Chicken Souvlaki with fresh Greek Salad. A skewer worth its weight in gold

There is one thing about kebabs or skewers, whichever way you want to call them, that have people wanting them. I know when they are on the grill at our house neighbors for blocks are reveling in the aroma of that lovely marinated chicken. The oregano, garlic, and many other spices offer a symphony to the taste buds however when you bite in have a napkin ready because the juices will run!

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