Dessert, Frozen Treats

Turmeric Ginger Honey No-Churn Ice Cream

Loreto July 15, 2019

Turmeric Ginger Honey No-Churn Ice Cream.  Take soft creamy rich ice cream and take it on a trip through the spice trail and you are left with an amazing, no wait… super-duper, no that’s no it… supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, exotic treat. 

Song of the Day: “Love Never Felt So Good” by Justin Timberlake/Michael Jackson.

No Ice Cream Maker, No Problem…………………..

Turmeric Ginger Honey No-Churn Ice Cream, this defies flavor and texture. The best part, no ice cream maker required, its no-churn. Yes, that’s right, because this ice cream requires only whipped cream with condensed milk, honey, and spices all folded together simply to be chilled in the freezer to a delightfully creamy texture! Now that’s something to talk about!

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Canning, Pickling, Gluten-free, How To, Vegan/Vegetarian

3-Ingredient Easy Raspberry Jam (No Added Pectin)

Nicoletta July 12, 2019

3-Ingredient Easy Raspberry Jam (No Added Pectin), so easy to make, and so wonderful to enjoy spread on toast, pancakes, waffles, or wherever your heart desires. 

Song of the day: Soak Up The Sun – Sheryl Crow

3-Ingredient Easy Raspberry Jam (No Added Pectin)- plate with jam on bread

This homemade raspberry jam contains only three ingredients: fresh raspberries, cane sugar, and lemon juice. You can’t get it any easier and faster than that. 

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Cakes, Pies & Tarts, Dessert

Mustikkapiirakka (Finnish Blueberry Pie)

Nicoletta July 10, 2019

Mustikkapiirakka (Finnish Blueberry Pie).  This month we’re traveling to Finland on the “Eat The World” train. Mustikkapiirakka is an iconic dessert that can be found in almost every cafe or restaurant in Finland. Not a pie in the sense we know it, Mustikkapiirakka is a cross between a pie, a tart, and a cheesecake.  

Song of the day:  Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

Mustikkapiirakka.  A difficult name to pronounce, but very easy to remember once you try it. With a crumbly base made with a combination of rye flour and all-purpose flour, and a luscious sour cream and blueberry filling, this Finnish Blueberry Pie will become your go-to summer dessert. Continue Reading…

Meat and Poultry, Pasta, Pizza, Risotto

Pizza Funghi e Salsiccia (Mushroom and Sausage Pizza)

Loreto July 5, 2019

Pizza Funghi e Salsiccia (Mushroom and Sausage Pizza), any night is a great night for pizza especially when sausages and mushrooms are involved.

Song of the day: “Infatuation”, by Rod Stewart.

Pizza Funghi e Salsiccia (Mushroom and Sausage Pizza). Take wonderfully spiced Italian sausage, and combine them with juicy plump mushrooms all on a beautiful tomato sauce smothered on a homemade crispy crust. The result, spectacular!

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Breads, Breakfast and Brunch, Cakes, Pies & Tarts, Dessert

Zucchini Lemon Loaf with Lemon Cream Cheese Icing

Nicoletta July 3, 2019

Zucchini Lemon Loaf with Lemon Cream Cheese Icing,  just in case you need a different recipe to use up the abundance of zucchini this time of the year.  A fragrant, moist loaf, easy to make and delectable to eat, either in the morning or as a snack, or dessert. The beautiful crumb is speckled with grated zucchini and perfumed with lemon juice and zest. A luscious and tangy lemon cream cheese icing compliments the cake and adds some pizzazz. 

Song of the Day: Unbelievable – Why Don’t We


The first time I had a slice of Zucchini Lemon Loaf was years ago, here in Canada, and it was one of my mother-in-law’s specialties.

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Breakfast and Brunch, Pancakes, Waffles & French Toast

Chocolate Waffles with Whipped Cream and Strawberries

Loreto June 28, 2019

Chocolate Waffles with Whipped Cream and Strawberries, this is a breakfast for kings and queens. Delectable cocoa flavor paired with a crispy exterior and melt in your mouth fluffy interior. The best part of a waffle are those square pockets that hold the luscious topping that we chose of strawberries and whipped cream. Canada Day weekend is upon us, why not splurge a bit and have an amazing brunch!

Song of the day: “Royals” by Lorde.

The Essence of Brunch…………

Chocolate Waffles with Whipped Cream and Strawberries, when I think of these wonderful exquisite aromatic, cocoa-flavored breakfast rounds, I always think of special times on the weekend, gathering family and friends to feast on a plethora of dishes in between breakfast and lunch, a thing we call brunch. These waffles scream decadence and texture and with the toppings of whipped cream, fresh B.C. strawberries and that hint of maple syrup, we have a feast worth diving into!

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Meat and Poultry

Cheesy Mushroom Lamb Burger

Loreto June 25, 2019

Cheesy Mushroom Lamb Burger, nothing says summer best than a beautiful charbroiled burger. The aromas of those BBQ’s and that wonderfully grilled meat patty has most of us craving a burger meal. I have just the answer to such a craving. These lamb burgers!

Song of the day: ” The Sun is Shining” by Bob Marley.

Cheesy Mushroom Lamb Burger-burger in plate with onion rings

Cheesy Mushroom Lamb Burger. Wonderfully seasoned ground lamb with hints of rosemary, oregano, and chives, meets the most desirable brioche bun, sauteed mushrooms and melted Jarlsberg cheese. Oh, wait, there is a surprise, a pocket of cheese nestled in the center of this most extraordinary succulent tasty burger. Need I say more?

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Cookies, Dessert

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Nicoletta June 22, 2019

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies  are also dairy-free, refined-sugar free, and absolutely delicious. Chewy and soft, they melt in your mouth leaving you with a pure and simple peanut butter flavor.

Song of the Day: Brand New – Ben Rector

If peanut butter cookies are your thing, you might fall in love with these ones. They are easy to make, gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, soft and crunchy, absolutely delicious.

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Meat and Poultry

Sweet and Sour Meatballs (and a cookbook review)

Loreto June 19, 2019

Sweet and Sour Meatballs (and a cookbook review). I am so happy that we had the opportunity to get to review this wonderful cookbook “The Prairie Table” by Karlynn Johnston, filled with great stories and colorful photos that take you on a journey of a time when gathering and family dinner was not an option but a norm. The recipe we chose to make is wonderfully delicious, very easy to prepare, and for me a great hit in the texture and flavor profile. 

Song of the day: “So Happy Together” by The Turtles.

Sweet and Sour Meatballs (and a cookbook review). Sweet, sour, and so juicy, these meatballs are the perfect small plate to start a meal. The kids will love the ease of eating these plump full of flavor morsels and even the adults may go for seconds and thirds. Karlynn’s passion to re-ignite a time when dinner was  a time together is one that is dear to my heart also, and a book full of family recipes is a real bonus!

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