Gluten-free, Side Dishes, Vegan/Vegetarian

Creamy Spinach with Feta

Loreto January 17, 2021

Creamy Spinach with Feta!   A wonderful side dish to any meal offering a lovely creamy texture backed up by some serious flavor! Don’t know what to make as a side give this one a try!

Song of the day: “The Sweetest Thing” by U2. 

Creamy Spinach with Feta-plated-pita and fork on the side

Creamy Spinach with Feta!  I hear all the time this phrase. “I don’t have the time!”  Well this is a dish that can be done in less than 30 minutes. Easy delicious and and is a great accompaniment  to any those proteins you like. Truthfully I would wrap this up in a pita and eat it like that for a healthy and delicious lunch!

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Pasta, Pizza, Risotto, Vegan/Vegetarian

Buckwheat Pasta with Cabbage and Potatoes (Pizzoccheri)

Nicoletta January 14, 2021

Buckwheat Pasta with Cabbage and Potatoes (Pizzoccheri). Pizzoccheri is a buckwheat pasta dish from Valtellina, in the Lombardy region, near the Swiss border. It is a hearty dish made with buckwheat noodles (called tajarid in the local dialect), potatoes, Savoy cabbage, and plenty of cheese and butter. It is that kind of comfort, substantial, food suitable for winter.

Song of the day: Feels Like Home – Grace Kelly, Elliott Skinner

Buckwheat Pasta with Cabbage and Potatoes (Pizzoccheri)-plated-with fork

This traditional pasta dish is a complete meal that will transport you to the mountains of Northern Italy. Imagine yourself in a cozy chalet, on a cold snowy day, enjoying a warm plate of Pizzoccheri (remember, the letters /ch/ in Italian sound like /k/). The heartiness of the buckwheat pasta perfectly mingled with the softness of the vegetables and the lusciousness of the butter and cheese will make you feel like you’ve been snuggled in a blanket.

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Meat and Poultry, Soups, Stews and Sandwiches

Vietnamese Kabocha Squash Soup

Loreto January 10, 2021

Vietnamese Kabocha Squash Soup, fragrant, colorful and ever so flavorful. This soup is simple, easy and squash is in season, so why not give it a try!

Song of the day: “Everybody Wants Some” by Van Halen.

Vietnamese Kabocha Squash Soup-bowl-view from the top

Vietnamese Kabocha Squash Soup, if you love squash this soup highlights the wonderful texture, color, and velvetiness of Kabocha squash! However, combine that with a light broth enlightened by fresh notes of green onion, lemongrass, and basil, and morsels of ground pork, and you are left with an end result of pure deliciousness!

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Breads, Breakfast and Brunch, Dessert

Nutella Pain Brioche Braid

Nicoletta January 6, 2021

Nutella Pain Brioche Braid. Soft and tender brioche bread made with spelt flour, filled with Nutella, and baked as a braid. Enjoy it in the morning with tea or coffee, or as an afternoon snack. Indulgent like a dessert, simple and cozy like a slice of bread with chocolate. The spelt flour gives this brioche a warm golden color and a delightful nutty flavor.

Song of the day: Such A Simple Thing – Ray LaMontagne

Nutella Pain Brioche Braid-feature-braid on marbled board

What is your favorite meal of the day? Mine is by far breakfast, and since it plays a huge part in the meal planning, we take good care in making it the most delicious possible. Pan brioché is a favorite in our house. Soft, tender brioche bread filled with Nutella and braided, then baked till nice and golden and served with just a dusting of icing sugar on top.

[This post was first published on March 8, 2015. It has been updated for write up, pictures, and recipe.]

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Fish and Seafood

Shrimp Biryani

Loreto January 4, 2021

Shrimp Biryani, an all in one dish that packs flavor and texture. However, what really captivates you is the aroma of this meal. Exotic spices with a bit of heat. Craving some Indian food? Why not try a biryani tonight!

Song of the day: Burjkhalifa, Laxmii, Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani, Nikhita Gandhi,  Shashi, Dj-Khushi, Gagan.

Shrimp Biryani-some plated some in the pot-top view

Shrimp Biryani, There is nothing like the smell of coriander, curry, masala and so much more  wafting in the house. It always reminds me of joy and peacefulness. This dish has all you need for a meal, more so it is just plain delicious. Your taste buds will be dancing!

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Breakfast and Brunch

Spiced Apple Eggnog Scones

Nicoletta December 27, 2020

Spiced Apple Eggnog Scones. It’s the holiday season, so treat yourself to a holiday scone for breakfast or even dessert! These luxurious scones feature chunks of apples, warm spices like allspice, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and the rich flavor of eggnog. 

Song of the day: My Kind Of Present – Meghan Trainor

Spiced Apple Eggnog Scones-scones on baking sheet

Scones and coffee is probably my favorite breakfast. Either at cafes or in the comfort of our house, I like them warm, with salted butter or slathered with jam, and gulped down with a hot cup of good coffee. 

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Profiterole Christmas Tree

Nicoletta December 23, 2020

Profiterole Christmas Tree. Do you love Christmas desserts that have that wow factor? This Profiterole Christmas Tree will surely check off all the boxes: presentation, creativity, flavor, and texture, with an added bonus, it’s a finger dessert! 

Song of the day: Oh Christmas Tree by Johnny Reid

Profiterole Christmas Tree-christmas profiterole in front of a window with star on

Beautiful light and airy puffs filled with a rich lemon pastry cream, all dazzled up with glitz and glamour. You couldn’t ask for more for this festive season watching as your family admires your creation and enjoys the fruits of your labor. 

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Fish and Seafood, Pasta, Pizza, Risotto

Fregola Sarda with Scampi and Fennel

Loreto December 20, 2020

Fregola Sarda with Scampi and Fennel is a dish perfect for Christmas eve. It is beautiful, delicious, furthermore, the texture will definitely tantalize your taste buds!

Song of the day: “When Christmas Comes” by Mariah Carey and John Legend.

Fregola Sarda with Scampi and Fennel-plated-top view-blue napkin around

Fregola Sarda with Scampi and Fennel. Let’s talk flavor. This dish has a wonderful fregola pasta that is nice and al dente, infused with a rich broth made with the shells and vegetable broth. Topping this wonderful dish, a succulent tender flavorful scampi, which is similar to the taste and texture of lobster. An all-round, balanced, beautiful dish that would be a hit for the night before Christmas!

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Cookies, Dessert

Slice and Bake Lemon Crisps

Nicoletta December 17, 2020

Slice and Bake Lemon Crisps. Thin, crunchy, buttery, and melt in your mouth, these cookies rely on their intense lemon flavor and delightful texture to shine among other more dazzling cookies. Don’t let their simple appearance fool you, they are a crowd pleaser and you’ll see them disappear fast! Based on a vintage recipe found on ‘Canadian’s Living Country Cooking’ bestseller.

Song of the day: “When You Wish Upon A Star” – Vera Lynn, Cynthia Erivo

Slice and bake lemon crips-hands breaking a cookie

Is there still some room for more home-baked cookies before Christmas? If so, I would highly suggest these lemon crisp cookies. Their “naked” beauty will conquer the most refined palates. Moreover, they are easy to make and require very few staple ingredients. Ready to bake?

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