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Easter Eggs Benny Italian-Style

Loreto April 20, 2019

Easter Eggs Benny Italian-Style, an amazing take on a breakfast classic taking it to new levels of flavor!

Easter is Here!

Easter morning in Italy is always an important start to the festive day. So why not make a Benny a little Italian!

Grilled mortadella, perfectly poached eggs, roasted peppers and dressed tomatoes, and the creme de la creme,  a rose hollandaise sauce all on a toasted ciabatta bun, now that’s an Italian Benny!

Song of the day: “Feels Like the First Time” by Foreigner.

Easter Eggs benny Italian-style

[This post is sponsored by The Italian Centre Shop. We’ve been compensated but -as always- all opinions are our own.]

Easter Eggs Benny Italian-Style, this will be the perfect Easter breakfast.

Set the table, create the mood of spring and color and sit down to a really luxuriously lavish rich meal. Easter is about color and adventure. Take a trip with me in the world of Eggs Benedict because I have added a  little twist of my own!

Happy Easter everyone,  Buona Pasqua!

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Keto Zucchini Noodle Carbonara

Loreto April 16, 2019

Keto Zucchini Noodle Carbonara, a take on a Roman classic that is both delicious and beautiful. Keto is something you are hearing a lot about. People are having great success in weight loss and recipes are surfacing including this dish, which is a perfect addition to Keto way.

Song of the day: “The Way It Is” by Bruce Hornsby.

Keto zucchini noodle carbonara

[This post is sponsored by The Italian Centre Shop. We’ve been compensated but -as always- all opinions are our own.]

The Keto Craze……….

Keto Zucchini Noodle Carbonara. In this day and age, we are hearing the success stories of many people and their weight loss with the Keto diet. I wanted to create something so I could offer a recipe for those who are on this diet.

We have created a wonderful pasta dish using zucchini noodles, pork belly, egg, Parmigiano and ricotta salata. As a result, we have a beautiful robust creamy dish, that is Keto friendly. Beautifully balanced with that always al dente Italian texture. This is definitely a dish that you want to serve your Keto friends. Actually, I think everyone will like this dish too.

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Focaccia with Cherry Tomatoes and Oregano

Nicoletta April 12, 2019

Focaccia with Cherry Tomatoes and Oregano. Soft and fragrant focaccia dressed up with sweet cherry tomatoes, aromatic oregano, and pungent garlic. An excellent idea for a tasty appetizer, a delectable snack, or simply, a great addition to the bread basket.

Song of the day: I Want It All – Queen

Focaccia with Cherry tomatoes and oregano

Maybe it’s because of the simplicity of the ingredients, but it is impossible to resist a focaccia so fragrant and tasty as this one with cherry tomatoes and oregano. A must try for sure!

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Huevos Rancheros with Black Bean and Avocado

Loreto April 10, 2019

Huevos Rancheros with Black Bean and Avocado, a little bit of heat and a whole lotta flavor and texture. This month we are traveling to Mexico for Eat The World, and I am so excited about this recipe. It reminds me of the colors of this Latin country and the  flavors that are bright, spicy, and tasty. Come with us on our adventure through food to Mexico!

Song of the day: “Calma” by Pedro Capo’ FT Farruko

Huevos Rancheros with Black Bean and Avocado

Huevos Rancheros with Black Bean and Avocado. Take two corn tortillas, melt spicy cheese inside, top that with some black bean with chipotle peppers, sunny side up egg and a fresh salsa, and you have a breakfast that will kick start your day like you have never felt before. The colors of this dish alone will awaken your senses. We are in Mexico and there is no better way to celebrate this Country than with this amazing breakfast.

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Crostata Ricotta e Marmellata di Visciole (Ricotta and Sour Cherry Crostata)

Nicoletta April 5, 2019

Crostata Ricotta e Marmellata di Visciole (Ricotta and Sour Cherry Crostata), a delicious and irresistible dessert of the Jewish Roman cuisine. A lemon flavored pasta frolla (shortcrust pastry), filled with a layer of visciole (sour cherry jam or fresh sour cherries), and a layer of sweetened ricotta. To this day, you can enjoy this crostata in Rome in the Jewish Ghetto’s bakeries, or in many restaurants specialized in traditional Roman cuisine.

Song of the day: Sting, Shaggy – Just One Lifetime

Rome has a way of getting under your skin. Despite the traffic, the loudness of its people, the amount of tourists any time of the year, the incoherences.

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Pork and Mushroom Puff Pastry Rolls

Loreto April 3, 2019

Pork and Mushroom Puff Pastry Rolls. I love entertaining and having people over. You could say I am a very social person and in this day and age of technology and texting I really miss that one on one or two on three conversations. Well, this appetizer or snack will definitely spark some food talk. Wonderful butter puff pastry meets succulent beautifully browned pork and mushrooms. It is a meal in one bite, one that will have your taste buds singing!

Song of the day: “Walking on the Moon” by The Police.

Pork and mushroom puff pastry rolls

[This post is sponsored by Mushrooms Canada. We’ve been compensated but -as always- all opinions are our own.]

Creativity is the spice of my life!

I love when we are asked to develop recipes with certain ingredients, add in some budgeting and ease and we have the perfect inspiration for my creative mind to sink into.

Today’s creation built on appetizers and so I came up with  Pork and Mushroom Puff Pastry Rolls!

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Nicoletta Goes to Japan (part 4 – the end)

Nicoletta March 31, 2019

Nicoletta Goes to Japan (part 4 – the end), or how I enjoyed experiencing different parts of Japan. Here, I am going from Tokyo to the white Hokkaido, then back to Tokyo before I say goodbye.

Song of the day: Harajuku Girls – Gwen Stefani

Nicoletta Goes to Japan part 4

If you read Part 1 , Part 2 , and Part 3 of the “Nicoletta Goes to Japan” saga, you know that I recently returned from an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime trip to Japan, where I appeared on the TV show ‘Who Wants to Come to Japan‘. In part 4, I am at the end of my journey, but not before I visit an azuki farm in Hokkaido and spend some more time in Tokyo.

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Pandolce, Sweet Braided Bread with Raisins

Nicoletta March 27, 2019

Pandolce, Sweet Braided Bread with Raisins. Soft and with the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread, Pandolce has all the fragrance and sweetness of a dessert. Also, great for breakfast, considering that raisins are very nourishing and make you start the day in the best way.

Song of the day: “home” – morgxn ft. WALK THE MOON


I am slowly getting closer to my return to Canada and to my husband. But first, there is still some more baking to do with and for my Italian family.

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Baba Ganoush with Cannellini beans, Pistachios and Paprika

Loreto March 25, 2019

Baba Ganoush with Cannellini beans, Pistachios and Paprika. Spring has sprung and it’s time to bring color and flavor to the table. Wonderful Middle Eastern flavors meets delicious fresh veggies in a union that will have your tastebuds talking!

Song of the day: “Mr Blue Sky” by ELO.

baba ganoush with cannellini beans

Baba Ganoush with Cannellini beans, a great party appetizer or kids’ lunchbox idea, that is both flavorful, full of texture and oh so healthy.  A recipe that definitely screams Spring. It has been a long and hard winter, let’s bring the colors of Spring and why not, do it with food, a true expression of the soul!

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