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Strawberry Rhubarb Victoria Sponge Cake

Nicoletta June 16, 2019

Strawberry Rhubarb Victoria Sponge Cake, or Victoria sandwich cake, is a  traditional British cake. This version combines a light sponge cake made with white spelt flour, a sweet and tart strawberry rhubarb compote and delectable mascarpone cream. For an afternoon tea fit for a queen, a joyful birthday, or an outstanding dessert.

Song of the Day: I’ll Be There  (Acoustic) – Jess Glynne 

It’s Father’s Day, today!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there, and most especially to my amazing husband!

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Fish and Seafood, Gluten-free

One Pan Roasted Vegetable and Shrimp

Loreto June 14, 2019

One Pan Roasted Vegetable and Shrimp , a dish full of summer flavor and color and one that I have been waiting for a very long time. The colors give me nothing but smiles and hunger pains. I can’t leave out the aroma that fills our kitchen and house. Sweet peppers, caramelized garden onions, zucchini, eggplant, and not to mention the succulent shrimp. Absolutely mouthwatering!

Song of the day: “The Finer Things” by Steve Winwood.

One Pan Vegetable and Shrimp-feat

One Pan Roasted Vegetable and Shrimp, beauty meets simplistic Italian cooking coming together on a bed of fluffy nutty quinoa bulgar blend.  Nothing says Mediterranean better than roasted vegetables and shrimp on this grain base. Light and so delicious, you will find your fork going into your dish time and again!

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Gluten-free, Side Dishes, Vegan/Vegetarian

Zaatar Roasted Carrots with Labneh

Nicoletta June 10, 2019

Zaatar Roasted Carrots with Labneh,  an exotic side dish that combines three wonderful ingredients. Small, organic carrots tossed in homemade zaatar spice then roasted to perfection and served alongside a creamy homemade labneh. Flavor, after flavor, texture after texture you’ll be transported to the Middle East in just one mouthful. 

Song of the Day: I’ll Take You There – The Staple Singers

Zaatar Roasted Carrot with Labneh-in the plate-feature

This month, our Eat The World Group is headed to Israel. We have never been there physically, but if there are flavors able to transport us right in the Eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, these Zaatar Roasted Carrots with Labneh  are surely the fastest route there.

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Gluten-free, Soups, Stews and Sandwiches, Vegan/Vegetarian

Indian-inspired Red Lentil Dahl

Loreto June 6, 2019

Indian-inspired Red Lentil Dahl, an exotic comforting beautifully looking dish that will please the vegetarian or vegan people in your life, however, I know the meat eaters might develop a fondness for this one too!

Song of the day: “Feel” by Bombay Bicycle Club.

Indian-inspired Red Lentil Dahl-feature image

Indian-inspired Red Lentil Dahl, a dish so full of flavor and richness you will find yourself cleaning the plate with the naan and looking to see if there is more in the serving dish!

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Breakfast and Brunch

Whole Wheat Blueberry White Chocolate Scones

Nicoletta June 3, 2019

Whole Wheat Blueberry White Chocolate Scones, healthy ingredients and a touch of chocolate, for a great start to the day or your tea time with friends. Fresh seasonal blueberries combine perfectly with lemon zest, white chocolate and which compliment the whole wheat flour and coconut sugar. 

Song of the day: Better Together – Jack Johnson

Whole Wheat Blueberry White Chocolate Scones-view from the top

Blueberries and lemons are a great pair, and if you add white chocolate, they climb to new heights. These scones are the right blend of healthy and delicious and they make any time of the day a happy one.

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Meat and Poultry, Pasta, Pizza, Risotto

Orecchiette with Rapini and Sausage

Loreto May 31, 2019

Orecchiette with Rapini and Sausage, bold flavors meet lovely textures in a great Italian Classic, that is an easy quick dish perfect for those busy work week dinners! 

Song of the day: “Un Senso” by Vasco Rossi.

Orecchiette with Rapini and Sausage-in the plate with cheese

Orecchiette with Rapini and Sausage is a full meal deal all in one dish. Beautiful pasta tossed with wonderfully sauteed sausage and rapini, dusted with some Pecorino Romano to finish the plate. Visually beautiful, aromatically alluring, and so so tasty. Try it tonight!

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Cookies, Dessert

Spelt flour Occhi di Bue Cookies

Nicoletta May 28, 2019

Spelt flour Occhi di Bue Cookies are delicious Italian shortbread cookies. They consist of two overlapping round biscuits with a filling in the middle, of which the upper one has a smaller circle cut out so the filling is visible, and that resembles an ox’s eye, hence the name. They are very popular and beloved, you can find them in any Italian bakery and pastry shop. Here I made a variation to the pasta frolla using spelt flour, brown sugar, and cinnamon, which give a golden color and a delightful fragrant crumb.

Song of the day: This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) – Natalie Cole.

Italian Occhi di Bue with Spelt flour-shapes cut and jam

Do you have a favorite dessert? One that makes you feel good inside, puts a smile on your face just thinking about it, takes you back in time, and is able to transform a bad day into a good day?

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Pasta, Pizza, Risotto, Vegan/Vegetarian

Spaghetti Primavera with Roasted Asparagus and Tomatoes

Loreto May 24, 2019

Spaghetti Primavera with Roasted Asparagus and Tomatoes, lovely colors meet incredible texture and flavor celebrating the end of winter and the season leading us to those warm sunny skies! Being Italian has its privileges and this dish is one of them!

Song of the day: “Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder.

[This post is sponsored by The Italian Centre Shop. We’ve been compensated but -as always- all opinions are our own.]

Spaghetti Primavera with Roasted Asparagus and Tomatoes, a celebration of our culture in a most delicious and visually appealing way. Take a wonderfully cooked al dente pasta and toss it with sauteed asparagus and roasted multi-colored tomatoes and a little Italian love and we have a meal that is the epitome of simple yet elegant Italian cuisine combined with what I can only describe as pure deliciousness!

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Gluten-free, Side Dishes, Special Diets, Vegan/Vegetarian

Radicchio Pear Fig Salad with Mascarpone Dressing

Nicoletta May 21, 2019

Radicchio Pear Fig Salad with Mascarpone Dressing, a symphony of flavors and textures dancing beautifully together, creating a balance between the bitterness of the radicchio and the sweetness of the pear and figs, all lusciously coated in a wonderful creamy mascarpone dressing and elevated with additions of fresh basil and salted Marcona almonds.

Song of the day: Why (Remix) – Shawn Mendes, ft. Leon Bridges

Radicchio pear fig salad with mascarpone dressing-with grissini

[This post is sponsored by The Italian Centre Shop. We’ve been compensated but -as always- all opinions are our own.]

Of the five universally accepted basic tastes that are perceived by our taste buds: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami, I have my personal rankings.

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