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Stuffed Aubergines Italian Style [V.]

Nicoletta August 18, 2017

Stuffed Aubergines Italian Style is a vegan and vegetarian side dish packed with flavors. Homegrown aubergines are stuffed with homegrown grape tomatoes, garlic, capers, herbs and stale bread. Then sprinkled with breadcrumbs and drizzled with good e.v.o. oil and baked in the oven till soft, golden, and delicious.

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I grew up in a small apartment in Rome on the 6th floor of a building surrounded by other buildings. A tiny terrace was our window on the world, but my mother kept it mostly shut, feeling it was too dangerous to have a child playing outside at such a height. My grannies lived on the 1st floor of the same building and I would spend with them most of my time after school or when I was not going to school. The 1st floor did not have a terrace on the front of the building, but in the back, overlooking a courtyard with a myriad of windows and noisy pigeons. It wasn’t my favorite spot. I loved to read in the living room, help grandma in the kitchen making fettuccine, and play dress up in their bedroom with her clothes and hats. And I loved going to the park to go on the swing. I used to love the swing and I never wanted to go back home.

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Dips, Sauces and Spreads, Gluten-free, Vegetarian

No-Garlic Beet Green Walnut Pesto

Loreto August 16, 2017

No-Garlic Beet Green Walnut Pesto, a great addition to all the pesto recipes, utilizing those wonderfully tender beet green leaves, a bunch of basil leaves, walnuts, and a mix of Parmigiano and Pecorino. Everything blended with a good e.v.o. oil to give you a smooth and delectable pesto sauce.

Song of the day: “Roof Garden” by Al Jarreau.

No-garlic Beet Green Walnut Pesto

No-Garlic Beet Green Walnut Pesto is a great sauce for those who have allergies or intolerances to garlic, or simply don’t like it. The beet green marries very well with the basil and walnuts, and the e.v.o. oil provides that wonderful blanket for the ingredients to play on.

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Cakes, Pies & Tarts, Dessert

Pineapple Apple Upside Down Croissant Cake

Loreto August 13, 2017

Pineapple Apple Upside Down Croissant Cake, utilizing the wonderful and flavorful Bauli® cream filled croissants, in combination with caramelized pineapple and apple, and luscious custard leaving us with a lavish, moist, bursting with flavor delectable cake.

Song of the day: Sweet Things in Life – Harlequin.

Pineapple apple upside down croissant cake

[This post is sponsored by Bauli Canada, the Master of Authentic Italian Confectionary Art. We’ve been compensated but all opinions are our own.]

Pineapple Apple Upside Down Croissant Cake, is the perfect dessert to finish a wonderful weekend meal. Its flavor profile brings it into a classy and elegant status hosting a wonderful caramel, blended with a velvety custard.  Add in the pineapple and the apple that has released its natural sugars to the mix and the unmistakable flavor of the Bauli® creme filled croissants and we have just a glimpse of Heaven.

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Pasta, Pizza, Risotto

Bucatini alla ‘Matriciana’. The real deal

Nicoletta August 11, 2017

Bucatini alla ‘Matriciana’, a classic Roman pasta dish, that combines a flavorful tomato sauce made with guanciale, onions, wine, Pecorino Romano, and bucatini pasta, leaving you with an exquisite and rich rustic dish.  

Song of the day: “Thunder” – Imagine Dragons.

Bucatini alla Matriciana

I’m writing this post while we’re on holidays in Italy, wishing we heard a thunder and see some bolts of lightning in the sky to announce the imminent rain. With Loreto, we said we would go out in the street to dance underneath the downpour, to freshen up, to feel our skin finally cool off. We’re waiting for some rain since we arrived here, a couple of weeks ago, waiting for the temperatures to go down a bit from the 40 degree average, but still nothing. Dry and extremely hot, I am the one who’s suffering from the heat more than him. Me, the one who should be used to the weather, me, always complaining about the cold Canada.

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Fish and Seafood, Gluten-free, Special Diets

Sea Bass and Shrimp Surf ‘n Surf

Loreto August 8, 2017

Sea Bass and Shrimp Surf ‘n Surf, succulent, robust seafood flavors, spiked with the use of beet leaf pesto, utilizing the grill to bring out the natural sugars and beautiful colors. This dish is summer on a plate!

Song of the day:  “Quant’ave” by  Orchestra Popolare La Notte della Taranta.

Sea Bass and Shrimp Surf 'n Surf

Sea Bass and Shrimp Surf ‘n Surf is a dish full of plentiful flavors. The sea bass, plump and rich, the shrimp sweet with a nice charred backdrop, and to elevate things, a home made beet leaf pesto that marries so well with all the tastes and textures of this dish, making it one of our favorite summertime recipes!

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Appetizers and Snacks, Vegetarian

Mushroom Asiago & Thyme Bread Cups

Nicoletta August 5, 2017

Mushroom Asiago & Thyme Bread Cups, the perfect appetizer for a mushroom lover that is easy to eat and packed with mushroom flavor, crisp toasty bread seasoned wonderfully with good organic ingredients, and of course some melted Asiago cheese to top it off.

Song of the day: Barry White – Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Baby.

Mushroom Asiago & Thyme Bread Cups

Mushroom Asiago & Thyme Bread Cups, finger food at its best with these beautiful bowls of seasoned toasted bread that house wonderfully sauteed crimini mushrooms, held in place with beautiful melted Asiago cheese and topped with a sprig of fresh thyme. Perfect for a supper starter, even better for a party pleaser appetizer.

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Breakfast and Brunch, Gluten-free, Special Diets

Cherry Crepes with Whipped Maple Mascarpone [G.F.]

Loreto August 2, 2017

Cherry Crepes with Whipped Maple Mascarpone [G.F.]. Cherry season is coming to an end, and we have a recipe sure to make this wonderful fruit go out in style.

Song of the day: “Treasure” by Bruno Mars.

Cherry Crepes with Whipped Mascarpone G.F.

[This post is sponsored by The Italian Centre Shop. We’ve been compensated but all opinions are our own.]

Cherry Crepes with Whipped Maple Mascarpone [G.F.], is a light, beautifully presented, and delicately rich breakfast treat, housing B.C. cherry compote and a mascarpone whip infused with organic pure maple syrup. This breakfast screams Canadian with an Italian touch!

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Appetizers and Snacks, Vegetarian

Swiss Chard & Feta Turkish Gozleme

Loreto July 31, 2017

Swiss Chard & Feta Turkish Gozleme, a flat bread sandwiching a wonderfully juicy tasty sauteed swiss chard and a creamy pungent feta.

Song of the day: “Yolla” by Tarkan.

Swiss Chard & Feta Turkish Gozleme

Swiss Chard and Feta Turkish Gozleme, a  fantastic pocket of goodness from the charred flat bread dough, to the moist sauteed swiss chard in olive oil, and finally sealing the deal, a creamy taste bud dropping feta. The best part, hand held, no plates needed.

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Cakes, Pies & Tarts, Dessert

Meyer Lemon Ricotta Soft Cake

Nicoletta July 29, 2017

Meyer Lemon Ricotta Soft Cake, a fragrant, soft, and creamy cake, that is super moist and enjoyable to the palate.

Song of the day: The Best – Tina Turner.

Meyer Lemon Ricotta Soft Cake

I didn’t know about the existence of Meyer lemons until a couple of years ago when we started our blogging adventure and I encountered many a recipe utilizing this beautiful lemon variety. In Italy, I had never seen them nor heard about them, while in Edmonton, Canada, I had heard about them but never found them anywhere. I actually did not know when they were available, although lemons in Italy are available year long. I was struck by surprise to see them at our local Italian Centre Shop at the beginning of July and seized the opportunity to finally be acquainted with these lovely jewels of sunshine.

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