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Red Curry Coconut Roasted Squash Soup

Loreto October 27, 2016

Red Curry Coconut Roasted Squash Soup, a perfect warm you up recipe, utilizing sweetness from the squash and heat from the curry. A wonderfully delicious soup with its rich fall colors!

Red Curry Coconut Roasted Squash Soup

Red Curry Coconut Roasted Squash Soup, has so many diverse flavors inspired by Thailand culture, and a passionate Italian heart, bringing on sweet and savory tastes, delicate textures, and a light broth. This is a dish for the vegetarians out there, packed with flavor. A great way to use that squash sitting on the counter not knowing what its purpose is.

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Toasted Coconut Crunchy Granola

Nicoletta October 25, 2016

A crunchy granola, made with 5 grain rolled oats, toasted coconut, dried apricots, raisins, pumpkin seeds and pecans. An easy, delicious recipe, adapted from The SOBO Cookbook, a granola that’s both substantial and healthy.

Toasted Coconut Crunchy Granola

Physical activity has always played a significant role in my life. I started with ballet when I was just a little kid and never stopped since, passing from ballet to modern dance, aerobics, step, spinning, weight training, running, aikido, bellydancing, aquacise, and these past years choosing yoga and jazzercise. Some of them I practiced for many years, others were just fads, when I discovered they were not in my chords, but after all, the important thing was that I was always exercising. Three to four days a week, that is my average workout. I do believe in the power of exercise, for the body and the mind. Together with having a balanced diet.

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Smoked Cheese Ravioli with brown butter sage walnut Sauce

Loreto October 23, 2016

Smoked Cheese Ravioli with brown butter sage walnut sauce, a dish that literally takes 20 minutes to prepare, and has your taste buds dancing!

Smoked Cheese Ravioli with brown butter sage walnut sauce

[This post is sponsored by the Italian Centre Shop, we have been compensated but all opinions are our own.]

Smoked Cheese Ravioli with Brown Butter, Sage, Walnut Sauce. An elegant dish that is both luxurious and beautiful to the eye. The combination of the smoked cheese in the ravioli and the tender pasta, delivered with that caramelized brown butter infused with the spice of sage and the rustic nature of pan fried walnuts takes this Ravioli pasta dish to levels unknown. Just when you think your taste buds have had enough, in comes the white truffle oil.

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Breakfast and Brunch, Drinks

Spiced Mochaccino

Loreto October 21, 2016

Spiced Mochaccino, a delightfully rich, creamy, spicy coffee, that you could enjoy right in the comfort of your own home, without breathing in the smog in a drive thru, or standing in line at the counter of a cafe.


Spiced Mochaccino, flavored with nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon sticks, swirled and frothed steamed milk. A delicious gourmet coffee made right in your own kitchen. Simple, easy and so so comforting.

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Pasta, Pizza, Risotto, Vegetarian

Romanesco Broccoli Maccheroni

Nicoletta October 19, 2016

Romanesco Broccoli Maccheroni: just few quality ingredients for this  easy, tasty and classic pasta dish that will transport you to Rome and the flavors of its food scene. 


My father is a good cook, and what is better, he loves to cook. He is not even a messy cook, he usually cleans after himself, and this makes him so much like my husband, Loreto. I often hear women complain about the mess their husbands leave in the kitchen when cooking, not me, I was pretty lucky with the men in my lives. My brother is a different story, he is a good eater, but don’t ask him to cook. Absolutely anything, for that matters 🙂 .

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Coconut Rice Fall Veggie Bowl

Loreto October 17, 2016

Coconut Rice Fall Veggie Bowl, full of wonderful colors of Fall and the produce that this season blesses us with. Roasted acorn squash, stir fried veggies, and some beautiful crisp shredded lettuce, to freshen things up a bit. Dressed with a Sesame Wasabi Mayo dressing.


Coconut Rice Fall Veggie Bowl. A dish that exemplifies the colors and tastes of fall. Utilizing acorn squash, some peppers, two kinds of zucchini, and fresh crisp lettuce, taking us on a textural journey. I have to say that rice bowls are high up on my list of favorite recipes or dishes to make. I love the diverse flavor combinations, the use of sweet and spicy, the coconut rice, aromatic and nutty, and that dressing that just bites you in the end, keeping your interest intact. What a way to say Autumn.

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